The blog stopped updating in 2014, and I've been intending to relaunch it for the past three years. However, my hectic work life kept that from happening. Finally, I've managed to get the website settings right and it's back up again. Reading the little pieces I wrote over ten years ago, I can't help but find them amusing. But there's a special fondness for the very first piece I wrote, which reflects:

We live in a world rich with diversity, where every person's soul finds its unique dwelling, each enacting their own story. Could there exist a heart so expansive, clear, and luminous as to embrace all these experiences?

It's essential for everyone to have a spark of brightness in their hearts to light up their daily lives.

What more could I say about myself? Take this excerpt from "Alien Musings," for instance, which I believe is both eloquent and authentic:

I've often found comfort in confusion, as it keeps me humble – a reminder that my awkward self, after a lengthy quest, might grasp a simple truth. The true reward, then, is the joy of resolving a minor issue... We catch a glimpse of the writer's pure, simple dedication—driven by love or curiosity. Such unadulterated passion not only brings joy to the individual over time but also serves as an endless stream or a perpetually passing torch for humanity.

In recent years, my reflections and writings have evolved, becoming more mature and woven into the fabric of society, and my understanding of the world's complexities has deepened. I am committed to sharing the finest of my thoughts with you.

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