As Autumn Unfolds

  • by Xiaosong Gao (高晓松)
  • Translated by ChatGPT

In yonder chair, thou sit'st, gazing through pane,
Where light in fleeting dance does gently flow.
With hands outstretched, on parchment, dreams thou stow,
Thou speak'st of blooms that fall, in cyclic chain.

"A window's tale," thou muse, "of bloom and wane,
Yet, like love's door, it swings, to and fro."
With flower held high, for wanderlust aglow,
To drift into tales, where fairy dreams reign.

That tome of dreams, once shut, now opens wide,
As if our souls, like oars, in sync did glide.
Some dreams take flight, some in the heart reside,
With whimsy, confusion, side by side.

In Autumn's embrace, where dreams and love collide,
A sonnet of life, in whispered tones, confide.